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Thursday, January 26, 2006

This girl that I hate....

lives inside my head...

I was trying to sound like a depressed teenager. A 'goth' or 'imo' or 'pussy-ass-needs-to-suck-it-up-and-deal-with-the-problems-that-everyone-else-has-to-deal-with-son-or-daughter-of-a-bitch. (sorry, to the moms of those types of kids.) They just need a good kick in the face.--and... problem solved!

So, my mom started at my place of work today.It was a little weird at first. Her being in my room and all. Shit, I try not to even let her in my room at home!! haha, kidding mom! (at least that's what I would be saying to her if she even READ MY BLOG ANYMORE!!!!!) I think there's only one person who does. If I'm wrong, please leave a comment that says exactly as follows: Ramma-lamma-ding-dong, koo koo kachoo, I like to run in the sprinklers in my undergarments.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, please DO NOT go and tell your friends who do not read this to do that, just to make me feel good; cause I'm really only here for MY enjoyment, and couldn't care less if people read my babblings. Oh, and don't be too 'proud' to say such nonsensical molarkey, cause if you can stand to read the idiocy that comes from my fingertips, you should be okay with participating yourself, if only just this once. Go ahead, let yourself go!

hmph, so that's that.

Nothing really exciting happening in my life. I'VE FIGURED IT OUT!!!! That's exactly why nobody reads!!!! I'm going to go and do something extremely illegal and exciting, in hopes of getting an audience back!!! I won't return until I'm cool again!!! Wish me luck!

oh, I sent off my first payment for the eviction thing. Did I tell you all about that? This dude and I were together, and had our names on the lease at this place, things weren't as good as I wanted them to be, he loved on his dog and his band more than he did me, so I moved out. He and the friends got a few noise complaints, he wanted to move out, and I wanted to move back in, we made that switch, so me and a girlfriend lived there. A couple of his old friends that were cool with me came up to Chuy's when I worked there with one of the dudes two kids, got all kinds of loaded, so I offered to drive them to my place and let them stay there since they lived, like, 45 minutes away. (wow, that was a run-on... excuse me, I'm trying to pack it all in quick.) So they did, they were getting all crazy all night long, almost got into a fist fight, throwing each other all around the place, broke a bottle outside the balcony, yelling... yada yada yada.. eviction notice on the front door the next morning. Plus, they were all passed out the next morning when the kids woke up (2 & 4) and the kids got black paint ALL over the room and themselves. Gave them a bath-- tub is now stained black. Terminated lease, back-rent, and damage fees: $5,113.20. What the fuck?! "rock-star" old man has no concern for his credit, and it 'was me that got the eviction'- so he's coughing up nothing for the bill. So, like a smart girl, I ignore it for a couple-few years! Got smart, and just called a couple weekends ago for them to send me the bill, cause I figure, without settling that, I'm FUCKED. They send it to me in the mail two days later, I'm just ecstatic to receive it. BUT!!!! Because someone moved in to that apartment A MONTH after I moved out... the back-rent was cut from $4,402.18 to $700!!!!!!

HOLY MOTHER OF SATAN!!!!! whoa, wait... Yeah, so I owe a total of $1,334.81!! I am so fucking excited!! It will take me only two months to get that taken care of, then I'm fuckin outty five-thou!! I've got a couple other small bills to pay off, and after that, my credit is free and clear!!!! How super-sweet, huh?
Okay, now I'm really gonna go break the law. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I was pissed earlier...

Because I lost my last twenty dollars. I get paid this Friday, and I have all kinds of envelopes to put money away in. I'm actually, and seriously this time, going to get my shit together. I have all kinds of numbers to call to get an apartment, I'm paying off my doctor bill this paycheck, I am going to save to get rid of my old cell phone settlement, which won't take long, and I'm having my eviction bill sent to me so I can figure something out with that. I'm hoping to find someplace that will be cool with my current credit, and will accept me as a tenant. The eviction was all a crazy mess, and a bunch of bullshit, if you ask me: from that day forward, I vowed to never try to be a good, caring, and responsible person again.

Also, I ran into a whole slew of my old high school friends on this crazy contraption, and they're planning a get-together for February fourth!! One of my really close old friends, who apparently lives in California now, will be in town, and a shit-ton of the Tempe High goofs will be in attendance!! It should be a drunkin good time! I'm way excited for that! I've even got an envelope for that night!! (Oh, and of course one for the day after... can't forget about that piece of Americana!)

So, mom's getting a job at my place of work, I think she's trying to show me up...

Either way, we need good help where we can get it, so bring her on in!! I'm just not going to tell anyone she's related to me.

Peace out!! Hope you all are glowing as much as I am!!
(it feels really good to want to get my shit straight!)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

You're invited to the wedding...

Here's us at the engagement party. Don't we look happy?

Okay, so it's a crappy crop job, but it just has to work for a picture that will be shown as one inch high.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I have one thing to live for...

What is that? You might be asking yourself... Keep asking... because no matter how long you ask YOURself, only I, myself, can answer that question. You're wasting your time, you see.

I really just need to shut the fuck up! Who the fuck do I think I am? WHAT the fuck do I think I am?

I am not in a good mood. I wasn't doing too bad today, but now all of a sudden I just want to die. I am dissatisfied with my life. I am lonely. I don't want to live here anymore. I want to be able to get my goddamned name on a goddamned lease and go sit on MY own goddamned floor and have a goddamned beer. Lord knows I don't have a goddamned couch.

Work's going pretty good. Nothing to complain about there. My health is good. My bike rides are great. Even if people wonder why a twenty four year old is riding a bike and loving it. Fuck them. No I don't have a car, alright? And yes, I DO live with my parents, okay? And yes, I do have a sweet ass, OKAY?!?!

So here's what I am living for, and only this:

sshhh... come close... don't tell anyone, I'm really fucking excited about this...

k, ready?
In two years, a very special game will be played just a few miles from my house.


It's Super Bowl 42, and my father and I ARE GOING TO BE THERE!!! I'm going to start saving RIGHT NOW, so we have good seats, a cab ride there and back, and all the beer we can possibly drink!!!

Well, that's it. Nothing else going on, so I'll not waste your time.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Here's to getting off the crack--

Actually, I haven't made it that far yet.
Pizza rolls by totino's are great. Especially after not even being able to keep down a drink of water all day. Well, I didn't really try ALL day. I slept most of it. -Or- tried to sleep through the shitty feeling all over and inside. Feeling crappy is the pits, but there's just something about being so hung over (or even just sick) that I really like. Is that weird? Having a reason to lay in bed all day, all snuggled up with my best friend Apples and a big comfy blanket is great! Plus, you really appreciate feeling well after days like that.

blah, blah, blah.

So last night went on til almost six this morning. I'm too old for this shit. Or am I? What the fuck kind of question was that? I don't think my brain has settled in my head yet today. Brain activity is highly overrated.

So, I've conquered smoking. I'm going to tackle the nail biting thing next. My fingers are so fucking ugly. Just look at them in my record spinning picture featured in: "Heathens, nothing but a bunch of heathens." They've grown out a pretty good amount since then. And then I said something else that was utterly boring.

My mother was standing here next to me earlier, and was cutting fabric. She farted pretty loud, and I thought she was seriously going to pee her pants laughing at herself so hard. I think she's on drugs. Now she's making me popcorn. What a nice mommy! Something like this will never happen again. I'm smart, though, and am taking advantage of her 'need' to do something right now. Timing is everything.

And now my popcorn is done. Peace out!