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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

and again...

we go for a while with no post. i broke up with yet another boyfriend recently. what a heart breaking bitch huh? whatever i'm getting older and making decisions faster is all. MORE HEARTS TO BREAK OUT THERE!! on with the show!! i still live in thos great house that is too big for my needs so after this year lease i am about to sign i think i will attempt to buy a house. at 27, it's getting close to that time for me. i'm still a nanny for the boys in the pictures below, my how they have grown since those were taken. 3 days out of the week they go to school for 3 hrs and in that time a am learning to do all kinds of office molarkey. it's actually kind of challenging- in a great way, nothing very difficult at all, and it's also turning out to be rewarding. i love learning i can do new things. i'm cutting this short. at work at the moment, just wanted to stop in and say hello. 'speak' with you soon!


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