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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Been Quite a While...

Look! another spot to write on!! i keep a blog on my gayspace (more commonly known as myspace- though i'm embarrassed to admit that i FUCKING LOVE THAT SHIT!!!) -(clears throat) wow. my apologies. so i am a big fan of sharing my amazing brain and life happenings with the world, if i could only advertise world-wide... and hope that there might be a few people that will pick up on the fact that i am writing here again so's they might get a little bit of enjoyment out of their pathetic lives.

these kinds of statements are the reason a lot of people hate me, and the reason i am such a happy person. :-)
I'm almost 27, i just recently recruited a (as of June 10th-23 year old) little boyfriend after being single for longer than i had been single for most of my adult life. it's crazy how much i learned about myself and grew by being on my own.

i have to go do work right now- hate that i have no more time to fill you (invisible audience) in on the new life of dawn renee dewan, but now that i have my beloved blog back- you will be hearing from me soon.

good day to you all.


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