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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Nonsensical Irritants...

I just saw a movie that said that in it. At the moment, I can't remember what it was. I really don't have much time to write anything, seeing as i have to be at work by seven o'clock-- which means about seven ten to me. I will admit that I can not be on time to anything if my existence depended on it. It has plagued me since the first job I had. I could get up four hours before I had to be there, and I would still end up showing at ten after. When I was on drugs, it was always about half hour to an hour. How have I held jobs?!?!

So, how are things in the worlds of my biggest fans? I got a new assistant to try out this week. I can't fucking believe how bad my judgment is. I thought she would work out great, too. Turns out, she is just as lazy, if not more than, the latest one!! They are both eighteen. I can't believe that a girl six years older than these broads can, and has to run, circles around them!! I asked if my expectations were just way too high, or what the fuck was going on. My bosses are just as frustrated as I am. They watch me running around like a chicken with my head cut off, busting my ass and getting irritated all day. It's pretty much ridiculous. I finally started saying shit when it's needed. You see, I have this problem with confronting situations. It all just builds up inside, until things are not repairable at all, and I freak out on a mother fucker, beeyotch!! Well, I'm going to bed... I have twelve one year olds to tend to by myself tomorrow. I love you!! Wait, no I don't... The only person I love is the bartender at a theatre near you!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

This is my latest post...

This is the opening sentence of my latest post. This is the second sentence of my latest post now the second sentence is a run-on sentence.

Here goes the second paragraph of my latest post. Some people think I am annoying. That's a lie. Since I've grown and matured, I haven't met a person that thinks I'm annoying. Maybe people that think I'm annoying just don't talk to me. I wonder if there have just been too many people telling me I'm a funny person, and now I have it all up in my head that it is true. Those people were probably terribly mistaken. For thinking that, and for telling me. So, I'm in a good mood today. I didn't have to hang out with the ridiculous assistant I've had for the past two weeks. she hasn't been in there for two days. The incident reports that we have to give to parents when their child gets hurt has dropped from three a day to zero. Tell you anything?! I was told by both of my bosses that I completely run that class on my own when she is in there. Unfortunately that is the only option they have for me right now. And fortunately, we are hiring like, three more people in the next week and a half. One of them will be my future assistant. Yip-fucking-ee!! I've decided that the only way i am going to be happy is if I just clone myself, and be my own assistant. I have not met more than one person that moves at the same pace as I do at work. At least, not at the daycares. My bosses told me that they agree... that if they could just clone me, and put one or two of me in every classroom, they would be set!! They told me they were thinking that before I even said it to them. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha------geez, that's great. Oh, wait... I'm not funny. That was a fake laugh. I caught myself. I'm such a fake bitch.

I saw on my future employer's blog that when you drop down, like eighteen lines at a time, it really keeps a person interested.

Keep going.........

Even still......

Okay, my little sister wants to get on, and I want a smoke. I'm set with my beer in front of me. All I need is.... hmmmm..... let's keep this PG-13. hahahapervert!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ouch, my back...

So, at the beginning of this week, I started my lead as one's teacher. So far it has been pretty good. The kids are a blast, and love me. The only problem is my co/assistant-teacher. What an annoying and stupid bitch!! She completely tries to take over and take credit for everything. She just turned 18, and thinks she is god's gift to the human race. I, personally, would love to see her head implode. I wish I could feed her an Alka-Selzer, and that it would cause her to bloat so bad that she blew up-- chunks everywhere. I wouldn't even care if some got on me, as long as it wasn't her mouth or vocal chords, because those are my least favorite parts about her. I don't think I have even been in front of this machine since my last post; so to the one man that seems to be super-interested: HIYA!!! Love seeing that little Calvin cartoon. Seriously, though.

I would really like to go out and have a beer. I rode my bike to my friend's place last night, got picked up, and when I pulled my bike out of the back of the truck, noticed that my back tire was completely flat. What the fuck?!?! So now I don't even have a ride anywhere!! Son of a bitch!! My buddy was going to call me and we were going to hang out, but my mom is on the phone, so I'm S.O.L. I got another spendidly large check today. I'm going to start putting some away. I think after this payment I'll have the money I owed for my license all paid off. Yip-fuckin-ee!!! I need to fix my bike. Damn.

Yeah, so, it's Veteran's Day tomorrow. Guess who's working?!?! I don't even get a short day. I work 8:30 to 6:30. I guess I wouldn't be getting big checks if I weren't doing that. Doy. Mom's talk on the phone for a long time. I wish there was some football on tonight. My effin' Lions lost last Sunday. Everyone keeps telling me I should pick another team. I'm not too easily convinced to do anything. That's a stupid general statement that isn't true. Well, if we don't have very many kids tomorrow the annoying broad will be sent to another room, so wish me luck!! And have a great some-particular-time-of-day!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The prison guard is my baby daddy...

I'm getting attitude for being on the computer right now. Cool. Ask me if I care. Do you want the answer to that question, or can you guess?

Well, hello everybody!! Mexico was a super crazy time. As was expected. I had an absolute blast except for one huge incident. Not too important. It was beautiful. For those of you who have never been, the feeling of being in Mexico is one not comparable to anything. It's the most laid-back feeling ever. Nobody gives a shit. Everyone there is there to relax and have fun. Ridiculously awesome. Everyone played football on the beach. I was the ref. The best female referee possible!! My flag was a dirty old sock that I tied a knot in. It had cat poop on it. The first night we were there I cut the fuck out of my foot. I jumped over this hole in the ground, and on the way down, noticed a broken bottle in the sand. It fucking hurt. Luckily, there was a bottle of Bactine at the house we were staying at. Ouch. When I got home, being the smart girl I am as far as home remedies, I grabbed the bottle of rubbing alcohol (instead of hydrogen peroxide) for cleaning purposes. Double ouch. My mom came in asking what the heck I was doing, and laughed at my attempt to disinfect the wound. She then informed me of the mistake I had made in my selection. I sound like a really lame nerd tonight, don't I? You might think that I have a thesaurus sitting open next to me. Maybe I sound like a nerd because I'm so tired. Yeah, that's gotta be it.

So, Anthony has been home from Iraq since Monday afternoon. I still haven't seen the butthead! He was supposed to surprise me at the house on Tuesday when I came home for lunch, but he didn't show. Then he had to go to Tucson yesterday, supposedly until today, but I don't think he's come back. I don't have to start work until 9:30 tomorrow, but I am so freaking tired right now, that I don't think I'm going to be able to stay up past ten thirty. How old am I?! My week's been so long already. I think two teachers are going to be fired tomorrow. They left a kid on the playground today. I don't understand how stupid some people are. You have a job solely to make sure the children under your care are being kept track of. How can you not take notice that one of them is missing? I, personally, count heads, like three times on either side of the door during a transition. We're going to be hurting, but these two teachers have needed to be fired for months. So, there goes my chance of not working ten hour days, here comes my opportunity to work twelve's!!! Well, I'm going to go pass out, or something. I think I'm delirious.