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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Meet the fucking parents and shit...

Yeah both those movies are lame. The second more so than the first. But I met dude's parents... His sister came into town with her husband and child, and ma & pa and sis wanted to meet me. Because he's 'always' talking about me. I was super nervous. Nobody around the house really gave a fuck. When I meet a boy that I really like it's nothing interesting. I'm sure they just assume he's a piece of shit, or something. Maybe nobody wants me to be happy. Or maybe they just don't care either way... don't know. Don't fucking care either. So it's understood. I'm just an alcoholic 24 year-old living with her parents. Pissing people off and trying not to express my feelings in full.

Anyway- meeting the parents went SO WELL. They absolutely loved me, apparently. I guess his dad says to tell me hi every time i see dude. Mom was really interested in my work, she's going through training to be in charge of some church child care stuff... I guess she was looking on the internet at GED stuff, and wanted boy to tell me about some place where if you get your GED through them, they'll pay for a year of your college. He was trying to get out of the house quick, though, so she said, "have Dawn call me, and I'll give her the information."---- yeah, how about no?! Nice thought, for sure, I'm just not a 'call your mom' kinda gal, I guess.

Oh yeah, and my boss wants me to get my GED quick, so I can maybe further my career--- a lot so she can give me a fat raise-- so she wrote me a check, gave me her car keys, and made me go to the community college to pre-register to take the test on my break. So the date is set. May 24th, and May 25th, and then I'm done. Then I will have my Good Enough Diploma. Sweet!! I called the boy when I was on my way up there, and he was super-stoked for me. He's so great. I call him beaming with happiness, and he gets super excited for me; I call when I'm frustrated, pissed off, and just need someone to vent to, and he makes me feel ALL better; I NEVER cry, and he KNOWS this-- (he better...) but last week someone made me cry, and as soon as I walked out, I called him, all upset, and he was happy that I could call him. It was nice. He is awesome. I'm not expecting anything super-big-for-sure, I never put all of myself out there on the table for fear that I will get stomped on or fooled, but it's nice to have somebody care about ME and my happiness-- and do things and say things to make me happy-- and somebody who is made happy BY my happiness... guys, it's SWEET!! I'm happy.

Here's another post, man. I've cleared my life and head of bullshit. I'm not going to deal with bullshit anymore. I say that now...-- my life is nothing but bullshit... hahaha. No, seriously.

I'm fine with that. And I'm babbling. You have no idea how great a relief it is that I've weeded out all kinds of bullshit from my everyday life. You have no idea what I'm talking about, but that's okay. I'm fine with that, too.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm a happy gal...

You got a fucking problem with it? Probably not. You better hope you don't. I have been hanging out with a boy for a little while now. He really likes me, and I really like him. We spend every night together. He's a good boy. We are very similar. We text message all morning when I am getting ready for work, and he is already at work. Then he writes me corny little things while I'm at work, but my phone is shut off, so I get it on my break, and we talk on my break. Then he wants to come pick me up from work everyday. And he does. And we go out to eat. And it is awesome. I am a very happy person right now. Sorry I haven't written in a long time. I'm not going to say that is going to change, I guess I've lost it for the 'ol computer. I'm on break right now. I'm starving, just thought I'd check in. My job is going super-great, too. My boss wouldn't be disappointed at all if I were to become her assistant director... but don't say anything. I doubt it will happen for a long time, she's going on maternity leave soon. I love her. Too bad she's already married, and same sex marriage is illegal in this state. Or is it? K-- I'm gonna replenish my body with the nutrients it needs. Thanks for checking me out!!