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Thursday, July 13, 2006

moved on out, and stuff...

I moved on out, and stuff. It's alright so far. My boy's been working a lot this week. He'll be going to jail in a few weeks, here. Maybe a little more. That's pretty crappy. I gotta take the good with the bad, though. Him and his family hooked me up pretty good for my apartment.

It's a nice little change. I actually was looking forward to Kelsey leaving the other night. Well, not looking forward to it so much, just kind of excited to sit by myself in my own home. Which is really strange. I certainly didn't expect to want to do that.
Yesterday Travis had to go back to work later in the afternoon. He suggested I bring us out an Outback (steakhouse) 'picnic.' I only got to see him for an hour after I got off, so I hesitantly agreed. The job site was super far. I showed up with some delicious hot meals for us, and brought his dad some, cause he was out there, too. They were stoked. Can we say brownie points?!? Then today after the boy got off for a break and court, he stopped by my work. I was so excited! He had to go back again this evening, so he was going to call me when he was ready, cause we were going to meet up somewhere by the job site for dinner. I drove up and surprised him while he was working. It was super sweet. We were supposed to hang out tonight when he was finished, (for the third night in a row.) but he was super tired. (for the third night in a row.) He has to get up for work anywhere from 2am to 4am, and works through til about 7pm. It's insane. And that's why I don't get mad when he says he'd like to go home and sleep. Plus his house is closer to the site, and the bed I have for right now is a full size- pain in the neck and back. We sleep in a california king when we get to sleep together, so it's anything but sufficient. I miss him.
I think that's all that's new, really. Just hanging out and getting used to my place. I guess I'll head there now. Nice seeing you all again. Hope all is well. Take care. Talk to you soon.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Movin on out.

I don't own a computer. Now you know. This whole relationship between us has been put on through my mother, who supplied the machine. I have been using her to get to you. I can admit that. So, when I move THE FUCK OUT!!! -- (clears throat) Please excuse me. When I --GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!!!-- (lowers head in shame) (recovers) I really apologize for my language.


Okay, lemme get to the point;
I move into my apartment this Saturday. That's right, mother fuckers!!! whoa...

Stoked. Really stoked. And I should be getting a raise soon, (to $10.00 per hour.) or I'm quitting to go work with my little 'sis'- prolly my closest friend- Kelsey making $13.60 per hour. Her and I would be working together in this couples' house. Helping them to eat healthy, get to doctor appointments, so on and so forth. She works with mentally challenged people who are able to live on their own, just need assistance getting around and cooking. It's really very easy, as there is a lot of down time, AND it would be just Kelsey and I hanging out when there is nothing to do. AND I get a guaranteed 10 hours per day. Paid lunches, as long as I need/want them to be.

Well, I'm going to take my little sister out to lunch. She needs someone in her immediate family to show her they are concerned for her well-being and comfort. She is treated like a piece of shit by every female in this house. It SICKENS me. But saying anything about it only makes the situation worse. There is no just reason for any of it. No matter what may have 'happened in the past.' But that is something we can discuss some other day. For now, I am going to show her that I care, and that I love her, no matter what she does, because that is what families are supposed to do. Hope all of you are well. Peace out, my niggas.