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Sunday, June 15, 2008

almost off...

It is Sunday afternoon. I have been on the clock since Thursday at about 9:30 AM. I take care of two little boys for a couple of amazing people. I have been employed with them for a little over a year now, and i pretty much struck gold.
But let me catch you up on the goings on since i wrote last. (not like three days ago, but before that.)

I was with Travis aka mama's boy with no sense of responsibility-- we could sit here and play the exboyfriend bash game all day, but i'm over it. cool dude, just lost. anyway, we 'had a house' to move into that would be ready for us a week after he got out of prison. ...right. my lease was up before that, so i moved all my stuff into his parents house temporarily. I had been working construction with the family's company laying conduit pipe 3ft under for power lines that would go to the cameras being placed on the 101 from union hills to northern. (run-on?) When he got out everything was great, even working with him was easy- which i had feared would not be the case. he was afraid i would be lagging behind everyone and soon realized that was anything but true, so he lightened up and we worked well together. whatev... the house fell through so we were stuck at his parents til we found something different. I got my nanny job and loved it from the get-go. we ended up staying with his parents for 3 mother fucking months because we 'couldn't come up with the money' for a down payment. although a car he sold to his buddy a while before needed to be bought back, so in a matter of a week, he had $2000 to buy it back. this was the straw that broke the camel's back. i couldn't ever go out with my friends, couldn't hang out comfortably anywhere but in the guest room where i was forced to sleep, and everything was anything but the way i am used to living. i ran away when i was 16 for fuck's sake! nobody can hold this bitch down!! :-) so i (in one week's preparation, and one days packing and moving) got out of that house and moved into a room that my employer's friend had open. i lived there for 3 months, and then Kelsey (friend of 18 yrs) and i signed a lease in a house that my other employer is the landlord for. i was single that whole time, and even into our 7th month in the lease, which is kind of a rarety for me, but i learned so much more about myself and grew more than i ever would have been able to had i picked up some other douchebag.

i met this boy through some of my old high school friends that i still keep in touch with, and we are now an item. so there goes singletown. prolly a good thing though, i was getting a little crazy if you know what i mean... (blushes)

I need to shower. boys are napping so this is my only chance for freedom and cleanliness.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Been Quite a While...

Look! another spot to write on!! i keep a blog on my gayspace (more commonly known as myspace- though i'm embarrassed to admit that i FUCKING LOVE THAT SHIT!!!) -(clears throat) wow. my apologies. so i am a big fan of sharing my amazing brain and life happenings with the world, if i could only advertise world-wide... and hope that there might be a few people that will pick up on the fact that i am writing here again so's they might get a little bit of enjoyment out of their pathetic lives.

these kinds of statements are the reason a lot of people hate me, and the reason i am such a happy person. :-)
I'm almost 27, i just recently recruited a (as of June 10th-23 year old) little boyfriend after being single for longer than i had been single for most of my adult life. it's crazy how much i learned about myself and grew by being on my own.

i have to go do work right now- hate that i have no more time to fill you (invisible audience) in on the new life of dawn renee dewan, but now that i have my beloved blog back- you will be hearing from me soon.

good day to you all.