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Monday, March 27, 2006

My new nickname...

Mom's calling me scarface. Jen was too. Jen's my boss. I went out to Sycamore Creek with a bunch of my buddies. It's just this whole bunch of desert land, ideal for camping and riding. Last weekend we went there and camped overnight. One of the dudes taught me to ride Kelli's quad. First time for me. But that time he was on the back for the short period of time that I rode it. Then yesterday I took it out on my own. I did really well. Got the whole clutch system down quite easily, I was 'gettin on it.' Blew through a bunch of straight-aways... got used to it... then I just went around the camp site a couple times. Trees and bushes throughout a lot of it. Most of them dead. I'm not too sure how it all came about, but I must've forgotten how to apply the brakes... I was coming up on a small (dead) bush and directly behind that was a bigger one. Much bigger. It all happened too fast for me to do anything but just hang on, and wait for a stop. I blew over the small obstical, and right into the monster bush. It stopped me just beside the base of it. Not before I was assaulted by tons of sticks and branches. There was no reverse, so I just slowly continued through, got off, fixed my hair, and made my way back to the group. I noticed my arms were pretty tore up, and my face hurt, but I wan't aware that it was bleeding. It was hilarious. Everyone was amazed at how I pulled through, not even really phased by it. It was super-sweet. I love scratches and scars, so I was stoked.

So here are some pictures of the damage: