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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Little green plus sign means: New Post

Good evening. Or morning. Or afternoon. Whatever the hell it is for you, good that! Working ten hour days is taking a toll on my hardcore-ism. I passed out at eight-thirty the other night. What the fuck?! I really wish I could watch Conan O'Brien every night. He is a genius. I would love to meet the man. So Conan, if you're reading this right now, your biggest fan is in need of a meeting with you. Holy shit... I'm home alone, and I swear I just heard someone come in or something. I hate that shit. I just crapped my pants. All the doors are locked. So now what? I want my daddy.

On to other non-important things... My boss asked me if I would want to take over the ones classroom today. It probably wouldn't be for about a month, maybe. I think that would be pretty damn cool. At first I was a little hesitant, but now that I think about it, I'm like, totally down, and stuff. Those poor children could use a badass like me. The lady in there right now doesn't even know how to put a diaper on. One of the little girls splattered some crap on the floor this evening because her diaper was on half-way. Not to mention it was backwards. How dumb do you have to be? I can't believe this woman is in there to begin with. I would say she deserves to be shot in the face, but I'm a nice person. So, day after tomorrow, I'll be leaving for Mexico. For good. I've been taking spanish classes. I'm completely fluent in the language now. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... I'm not funny. I'm actually going to be there for the weekend. Kelli and all of our friends are going. Well, all of her friends. It's going to be a blast. I hope. It only takes a few hours to drive there. Have I ever mentioned how much I like to be in this house alone? Beside the whole, "somebody just came into the house" thing, it's pretty sweet. I can listen to the radio. I can walk around in my boots and tutu. Speaking of boots... You know what I've always wanted? I still have yet to find the perfect pair, but I've always wanted some bright yellow rain boots. With black trim in just the right places. I might have to have them specially made. I think I'll wear them for my wedding. I would wear those puppies everyday.

Well, I should stop torturing you with this nonsensical bullshit. I'll continue some other time. Probably after I get back from Mexico. Wish me luck! If you would like to donate to the "Bail Dawn out of Mexican prison" fund, please contact her mother at 602-nine-eleven-4444. thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Sitting Alone...

And loving it. There's this girl I know, that doesn't have any money saving skills what-so-ever. This girl would love to, and really needs to, get an apartment on her own. She's never had one of those. The independence required to do this is something I'm sure she has, she's just never really had the chance to do it; or maybe she just never wanted to. She does now. This girl knows she needs to grow up, and do things on her own. She thought she was there when she got back from New York... It appears she was a misinforming herself. Since she started her job, around the end of August-- or maybe it was the beginning of August-- Yeah, the beginning. She has blown all of her paychecks on having a good time, or just hanging out. Well, she got her license back, still owes a few hundred to a friend for that. I think she needs a bank account. Or maybe just somebody to hold on to all her money.

So, it's a Friday evening, and I'm sitting at home. Whether this will be all night or not, I don't know. Whether I want to go out or not, I don't know. I could think of a few things to do, but not having a vehicle would require me to ride my bike somewhere. Or calling one of my friends... (yes, one of the two)... and asking them to come with me. I'm not diggin' on my friends lately. One of them acts all weird sometimes, like he can't get over the fact that our friendship of six years is ONLY that, and will ALWAYS ONLY be that.(unless this shit keeps up much longer!-then he won't even have me as a friend!) Sometimes he's cool, it's just REALLY FUCKING LAME having to deal with that shit. I'm completely over stupid people. I don't understand how it can be so hard for people to be real. How hard is it to just be a good person? For Fuck's Sake!! Hey, look!! I have already written more than six sentences! Aren't you proud? It's really a rarity that the computer is open for this long, so it makes sense. I'm fuckin bushed!! I think I'm just gonna go to bed at ten o'clock. haha. I've still got two hours, now... I might actually do that!! How pathetic!

So, let's see... What else is going on that has any effect on any of you? Oh, yeah... None of this molarky does. I got my ticket paid off for my suspended license. And then just two days ago, I got it reinstated online. It will arrive in the mail within five business days. Yip-fuckin-ee!!!! I'm super-stoked. I'm not stoked to wake up to a house full of teenagers being loud and obnoxious, and here all day. That's gonna take some preparation... Well, have a splendid evening. And a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I want to go to Chuy's...

I'm sitting here at home. I got off work about half an hour ago. My dad is the only one that is home. (SCORE!!!) No offense mom, it's those rude and loud teenagers you have around. sheesh!!! So, yeah... What's going on? My life is boring, and dissatisfying. I hate myself. I think I'm going to admit myself into a mental institution. What an easy ride, don't you think? You get all kinds of food, sleep, prescription drugs... not that I'm into that sort of thing, but I could learn... Yeah, so, I'm gonna go to Chuy's. I'm pretty hungry. Maybe sometime in the near future I'll write more than six sentences. Have a great day!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Listen here.......

Hello there. Geez, sorry it's been SO LONG!!!!! (chrymany) I've been working a lot. Okay?!?! I've been working all day, all week, getting home to a full computer, and getting the fuck out all weekend!!! I have been having lots of fun over the weekends. Football season is all I live for as of now. No boys. Well, lots of frustration and confusion in that area, of course. I am sick of trying. I have no game. That's an exaggeration, really, cause I happen to be the coolest person in the whole world, and require no more game than that. I will get there when I get there. I really miss my boy in NY. He sent me a photo album of the pictures we never got developed from the Grand Canyon. It made me cry a little. Now erase that from your memory. I NEVER CRY. My buddy got me the shoes I wanted for my birthday. I needed to have them. I needed shoes, and I am the pickiest person in the whole world, who just happened to find THE PERFECT shoes for me. They're mine. How freaking cool. Well, I am going to get out of hearing range of my little ridiculous sisters. The sound of one of them controlling the house drives me mad.

Remember, patience is a virtue.